Acting 101


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Director:  Rene Rhi

Screenwriter:  J Francisco Rodriguez

Genre: Comedy

Length: 25 Minutes

Format:  HD

Filmed on Location: Los Angeles, CA

Producer: Emanuel Negrila, J. Francisco Rodriguez, Rene Rhi

Director of Photography:  Emanuel Negrila

Music Composer:  Oscar Navarro

Cast:  J. Francisco Rodriguez, Agnes Olech, Rob Lindo, Adrian Gonzalez and Rebecca Badia


10 Awards + 8 Nominations  / 79  Film Festival Screenings

Logline: A frustrated actor and hopeful director come up with a very unconventional way to get the attention of a top Hollywood talent agent.


Synopsis: Luis, a frustrated actor in Hollywood, poses as a FedEx employee to gain access inside a prestigious talent management office with the intent of impressing a top agent. Sara Barsky threatens to call security after Luis barges into her office with a set of headshots.  Unwilling to accept defeat, he devises a plan that will certainly get him noticed. However, he needs to convince his friend Ron to go along with the crazy stunt. Luis tells Ron that the producers of the movie American History X didn’t think that Edward Norton was tough enough to play the lead role.  In response, Edward broke into the studio and ransacked the place to prove he could do it. Just like Edward Norton, they have to take matters into their own hands and show Sara that they are worthy of her representation. The plan is to kidnap her for a few hours and film situations in which Luis dresses up as different characters to show his acting skills.  How can anything possibly go wrong?

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