Bordando La Frontera


Director:  Rene Rhi

´╗┐Screenwriter:  Rene Rhi

´╗┐Genre: Drama

Length: 26 Minutes

Format:  Super 16mm

Filmed on Location: Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Mexico

Producer:  Justin Feldman

Director of Photography:  Emanuel Negrila

Music Composer:  Oscar Navarro

USC Faculty Mentors:  Robert Jones and John Watson

Cast:  Joselito Rodriguez, Stephanie Hawks, Denise Escobedo, Juan Cortes, Alana Hernandez, Jesus Bernal, Onesimo Gallardo and Andres Cuellar.


13 Awards / 100 + Film Festival Screenings

After being informed that his young daughter has a brain tumor, Miguel’s only option to pay for her surgery is to work in the United States.  After paying an exorbitant fee, a smuggler, and his assistant agree to guide him through the perilous Texas wilderness.  As they prepare to swim across the Rio Grande, the smuggler throws Miguel against the car, puts a gun to his head and forces him to transport a bag filled with bricks of cocaine.  Fearing for his life and the thought of his daughter not receiving medical attention, he complies.   Everything changes when they come across an exhausted and disoriented 9-year old girl in the middle of the desert.   She takes them to the sight of a grizzly car accident where her mother is pinned inside a vehicle.  Miguel immediately tries to pull her out and comfort her but is pistol-whipped by his companions and instructed to leave them and continue walking. 


Finding the courage to fight back and protect the girl and her mother will have severe consequences, including the fate of his daughter back home.