Originally from Osaka Japan, HIKARI, also as known as Mitsuyo Miyazaki is an award-winning writer, director, and producer. Her debut short film Tsuyako (Drama, 2011, USC Thesis Film) visited over 100 film festivals worldwide receiving over 50 awards including DGA Student Award for the Best Female Filmmaker, Future Filmmakers Award and Audience Award at Palm Springs International Shortfest, and Grand Jury Prizes at Oscar qualified film festivals.


Her credits include Lexus Short Film’s A Better Tomorrow (Fantasy Adventure, Live action/Animation, 2013) produced by The Weinstein Company, Can & Sulochan (Comedy, 2014), a dance film Where We Begin (Drama, 2015) which premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, and Subaru’s Dramatic Cinema Series – commercials and short films that features Subaru’s old to the latest models.  In 2016, she had participated in Sundance Institute/NHK Screenwriting workshop in Tokyo, Film Independent’s Screenwriting Lab and Directing Lab 2017 with her first feature film Cantering. HIKARI holds an MFA in Film and TV production from USC School of Cinematic Arts. 


Sonia Sebastian is a Spanish producer, writer, and director.  She created the successful TV series "Girl seeks Girl".  It was broadcasted in Spain on Terra TV and distributed by Pridefilms.   She is the Executive Producer, writer, and director of the feature film "De Chica en Chica" ("Girl Gets Girl).  Sonia is the co-creator and co-writer of a new TV series named "Amazing Future". The project will be produced by Subtilly and Pocapena Producciones in Spain.  


She has directed numerous short movies that have garnered multiple awards at some of the most prestigious film festivals around the world: "Grotesqués Road Movie", "Ladridos", "Elisa Guzmán", "Two women, a bird and a sad love story" and "Dad is gone".  Sonia is currently preparing to direct her American film debut called "Pool Party".