• Lobo Films

Brownsville International Film Festival

Lobo Films was involved in organizing the first Brownsville International Film Festival.


The Brownsville International Film Festival, or BIFF for short, is a collaborative project bringing filmmakers, artists, musicians, film buffs, and students together to promote film

and arts in the lower Rio Grande Valley (RGV). The festival is the brain child of an eclectic group of individuals motivated to bring attention to film, film history, music, and arts in Brownsville, Texas. 

The aim of BIFF is to promote the growth and exposure of independent film and arts in the lower RGV, while increasing awareness of the RGV’s history and culture. We aim to aid the revitalization of Brownsville to build a better tomorrow for all RGV residents and community members.

BIFF is a small, independent festival that will offer free submissions to filmmakers and free admission to the general public to increase access to the independent works showcased. We, the BIFF Co-Directors (a.k.a. ‘BIFF Bosses’), have partnered with local businesses and projects to bring attention to the revitalization of downtown Brownsville, which has a storied history with the film industry. Endgame (2015), Get the Gringo (2012), and A Night in Old Mexico (2013) are a small sample of the more well-known films shot in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.


Catheline Froehlich

Catheline Froehlich spent much of her childhood watching films in French, German, and English. She spent a semester at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst studying French Films, and currently makes short underwater films to promote coastal and marine research and education. Outside of her interest in film, Catheline coordinates artificial reef research at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley, and promotes local interests downtown by running Nerd Nite Brownsville events monthly.

AL Alder

Al Alder is a graduate student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley where he studies fish communities at artificial reefs. Al comes from a creative family of writers that helped culture his interest in film and the arts. His younger brother Nat is a filmmaker based out of Chicago and is one of Al's inspirations for co-organizing the event. In the future, the Alder brothers hope to co-write a movie in the near future that may be showcased at future BIFFs! 

Garret Autrey

Garret Autrey is a management professional with over ten (10) years of supervising experience, combined with a six (6) year history as a massage therapist who specializes in sports/injury massage techniques. He also has very advanced knowledge of excel, powerpoint, word, access and photoshop. He worked for Autrey Pharmacy from 2001-2013. Garret was part of the team who won 3rd place in the 7th annual UTRGV Business Plan Competition 2016.

Rene Rhi

Rene Rhi grew up in the sister cities of Matamoros, Tamaulipas and Brownsville, Texas. Rene is a filmmaker who became the youngest ever director of CineFestival San Antonio in 2007, the oldest Latin film festival in the US. Rene was awarded the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts Scholarship, founded the Latino Film Association at The University of Southern California, and worked for the London-based American Film Market and Celsius Entertainment.