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Gonzalo Gomez

Gonzalo Gomez is a Mexican-American writer and producer from Matamoros, Tamaulipas.  He finished high school in Brownsville, Texas, and later received a Law Degree from the University of Monterrey in Mexico.   At the same University, Gonzalo got involved in theatre and participated in several plays in lead and supporting roles.  Shortly after college, Gonzalo moved to Los Angeles to work in the motion picture industry.

He has worked as producer on various short films and has worked with Comedy Central and Comedian Jeff Ross.

As a content creator, Gonzalo produced Festivalchaser.com, a festival blog that produced a documentary of the same name.  Currently, he is involved with both fiction and non-fiction film projects.  Gonzalo is also the host of PURO 956, a regional podcast. (anchor.fm/puro956)