• Lobo Films

Lobo Films is casting for lead and secondary roles for Short Film/Proof of Concept

Project Type: Independent Short / Proof of Concept

Pay Status: Some roles Paid, Unpaid

Location: Brownsville, Texas

Start Date: August 20, 2017

Shooting Schedule: 4 Days

Wrap Date: August 24, 2017

To submit: Email thenamepartner@gmail.com with the subject line of the character for which you are submitting. Example: ‘MELISSA ANDARZA OR WAYNE RODEHAVER’


Melissa is a successful young woman who loves life and radiates positive energy. Her smile and altruism make people instantly like her. She's athletic and runs 5 miles daily. Melissa is ecstatic to be marrying the love of her life in a few weeks.


Tommy is a retired Marine Corps captain. In 2004, he was the commanding officer in charge of a convoy traveling through the Anbar province. A roadside bomb lifted the Humvee in front of him 10 feet into the air. Tommy had to give medical attention to the wounded. Only one of the 6 passengers survived. His military chart shows he suffers from PTSD. After many years of anxiety, Tommy finally gives in and is prescribed a psychotropic drug. It has the opposite effect on him.


Wayne Rodeheaver is the current CEO of a burgeoning big Pharma Empire. He is a cutthroat businessman. Machiavellian, ruthless. He lives for the incessant quest to maximize profits dismissing the health and well-being of the people he is supposed to serve. He strongly favors over-promotion, off-label prescription and he has tremendous monetary leverage over policy and legislation. He has and will crush anyone that stands in his way.


Senator Reed is a career politician that has benefited from campaign contributions from Wayne Rodeheaver. He has helped Rodeheaver's company with policy and legislation and has successfully lobbied for a new drug to be the primary medication for the mental healthcare initiative aimed at the victims of Hurricane Matthew in the Gulf States.


Lisa Lane is a popular reporter who is covering a lawsuit in Brownsville. She is determined to uncover the truth and expose several secrets against Wayne Rodeheaver and his company. Her report about the case has garnered national attention. She is smart, independent and a brilliant journalist with the uttermost integrity and self-determination. Ivy League educated, top of her class.


Billy Bravo is one of the best attorneys in South Texas. He hasn't lost a case in more than 10 years. Handsome, eloquent, charming and on top of his game. His dream is to become Name Partner at his firm. The senior partners of Houston powerhouse BATES, DOMANI AND ROCKFORD have promised Billy a promotion if he successfully defends Wayne Rodeheaver and his company in court.


Riley Spearman is a brilliant attorney. He is going up against Billy and one of the most powerful pharmaceutical companies in the world. Although he is Billy's friend, they are fierce enemies in court and he will not sleep till he wins this case. Riley is cunning, smart and has a way with jurors that are instantly swooned by him.


Gina Ray is tall and slender. She was valedictorian, captain of her cheerleading squad in high school and prom queen. Married Tommy Ray after college. They were high school sweethearts. She cares deeply for her family. She has a 9-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy. Gina has been involved in her community helping those with need and is well liked by everyone. She is a justice seeker.