• Lobo Films


Director:  Rene Rhi

Screenwriters:  Rene Rhi & Emanuel Negrila

Genre:  Legal Crime Thriller

Status: Pre-production

Based on the novel The Name Partner by Carlos Cisneros.

The Name Partner is an American legal crime thriller currently in pre-production based on the novel of the same name by Carlos Cisneros. It revolves around Big Pharma's incessant quest to maximize profits over the health and well-being of the people it serves, the consequences of over-promotion, off-label prescription and it's tremendous monetary leverage over policy and legislation.

T he Name Partner is a complex legal thriller that examines notions of unethical corporate behavior, professional ambition, and family loyalty. Prominent attorney Billy Bravo defends a high-profile pharmaceutical company from claims that their drug is linked to suicide and violent behavior. But when the plaintiff refuses to settle out of court, an incriminating scientific study emerges, Billy is thrust into an ethical dilemma that reveals the insidious role of unethical corporate corruption in the United States legal system.